Winter Mantel

I really didn’t want to take down my Christmas decorations this year… Partly because it seemed like Christmas just flew by and I wanted to hold onto it a little bit longer.. And partly because I really liked the decorations this year!
BUT.. Once I got them all down and got some nice Pinterest inspiration to do a Winter mantel, I was pretty motivated to give it a shot!
Most of this was either left over from Christmas decorations or bought after Christmas at either TJMaxx or Marshalls… For 70% off! Woohoo!
Then I decided to finally try and make my own burlap pennant/bunting and was pretty pleased with how it turned out AND especially with how easy it was to make!
Whatcha think????









A Work In Progress

Ok, so we’re just gonna breeze past the awkwardness of the the fact that it’s now been over 2 years since I’ve blogged… Breezing on past it…
Yesterday, I had a sickie at home. And with the exception of 12 loads of laundry and 2ish loads of dishes… I had some unexpected, lovely time on my hands! So what else could I do, but peruse Pinterest and find ways to launch a mid-season redecorating spree! Our mantel was fun before, but Je t’adore the new revamp! Let me remind you that the inspiration came from Pinterest, but it sure was fun to recreate!
I still want to add a burlap & twine banner with “All ye faithful” across the front, but we’ll see if that happens. I have another sickie at home today….
Those sparkly stars hanging from the ceiling were $3.99 each at TJMaxx last week-score!! They might just be my new favorite… Everything else I had lying around the house… Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!!