A Message in the rain

Ok, so last night the girls and I were headed out to have our “Girls Only” night…and of course by “girls” I mean AC and Moo! Anyway, as we were driving on Thompson Lane, out of NOWHERE came this heavy, LOUD, really hard rain shower! It came upon us so quickly that I immediately had to slow way down, turn on my lights and my windshield wipers and really focus on the road ahead. It was SO incredibly loud that I could no longer hear anything except the storm and the water pounding down on the car. It was overwhelming, to say the least. I glanced in my rearview mirror to check on the girls and I could tell that they were watching me to see what my reaction would be. I knew it was a teachable moment and the Holy Spirit prompted me to turn up the praise song that was playing on the radio. Now, it was so LOUD inside that car that I had to turn the radio REALLY LOUD to even hear the music. Once I did, almost immediately, as quickly as it started, the rain all but stopped. I could see in my rear view mirror that there were dark, foreboding clouds behind us, but up ahead was a beautiful sunset getting ready to happen. So peaceful, so serene.

I told the girls that just like that storm that came upon us so quickly, life will happen the very same way. Before we know it we are in a situation that can be overwhelming, consuming, and often times, even very scary, but that we ALWAYS have the option to do just what we did in our mini-van…get a grip, take a breath, and turn UP God in our lives. He is always there, just like that praise music is always available. Often times there is so much else going on that turning up the praise music seems to be unimportant or even trivial when your body,mind and senses are saying to go into survival mode, but always remember that Christ is there, waiting on you to turn Him up in your life.

Waiting on you to focus your attention and your prayers and your time and your feelings and your worries and your burdens on Him, and He will watch over you, He will quiet you with His presence and He will give you peace…to get you straight through whatever storm you may be “powering through”…until the only remnants remain in your own rear-view mirror and that beautiful peace is all that stands before you.

Thank You Lord for speaking to us, for loving us, and for always showing us the way out of our own storms..


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