A New Year and a new perspective…

Just this morning, as I finally got around to making the time to be quiet with my God, I was yet again tremendously blessed with His comforting Spirit through His Word. The Upper Room Devotional for yesterday (that I just got around to reading today!) was just beautiful. Here it is:

-Psalm 42:1 (NIV)

Well, apparently that is all the Lord wants me to give you for now, b/c as hard as I have tried, I can’t copy and paste the entire thing, just this sweet scripture, which reads:

Psalm 42:1

“As a deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, oh God.”

Here is the link to read it all for yourself:


Isn’t that simple verse so sweetly, and completely true, though? Even when we don’t know what that longing is, what it is that we are longing for, He shows up as soon as we invite Him into our hearts and take the time away from the world to be with Him alone. As the New Year begins, my mind goes immediately to the decision that we have been putting off for a few months now. Our house.

God has been so trustworthy and faithful to provide peace to my soul about the fact that He has not yet moved us to the “spacious place” that He has promised again and again. I can finally, without a doubt say that I don’t doubt that promise. He has it for us and I can feel the longing that He put there when I see the house of my dreams still sitting on the market, at an unbelievable price…still sitting there, unsold..just like ours.

Our decision was to wait to re-list until after the holidays…and here we are..sitting on the couch, with a much needed day of rest, watching the snow fall and not talking about it…it’s the elephant in the room to me and I so wish that it were not…so many times I’ve pleaded with God to take the desire away but He does not, He leaves it there in hopeful anticipation of the promise to come…


then we have many other decisions to make and lots of work to do before that can happen. Well, not LOTS, but some. The real work comes in the constant upkeep of the house in the hope that we’ll get a call that day to show it. What a crazy thing to have anxiety about, but I do. It makes my stomach hurt, to be honest. Is it just not the “season” of my life, well, my kids lives to be doing this again?  Is it detrimental to their well-being because of the stress it brings me? Isn’t that simply my problem to overcome and be at peace with?

Then, I read today’s (yesterdays, really)devotional and something stirs within me. Whenever I feel the anxiety coming over the house, seek His face. Seek His peace. Seek His comfort and remember His promises.

So beautifully simple.

Peace-not from my surroundings, not from the dream of a bigger house or the false hope of a recovering market. But faith in Him. The One we call Father. Provider. Lover of my soul. Prince of Peace. He created peace to bestow it upon us. Upon me in my desperate seeking of Him. Like a deer panting by a stream and the quenching of that thirst that He creates in us so that we will look only for His face to provide…

I love Him so much. Thank You God. I sing your praises.


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