Simple thoughts…

What I’m thankful for right now…sweet friends with pure hearts, and sweet friends that are still working on it, just like me:)
…..a warm bed
…..faithful provisions and the strength to use them to honor God-this a HUGE thing for me. I have never been a “numbers” girl and Christ is having BIG victory in my life right now-it is without a doubt to HIS honor and glory and praise alone!
… own and my extended-good relationships with them.
….healthy children. Praise be to HIM alone.
….Josh’s job that allows him to provide so well for us and to be with us as much as possible-still so amazing to me!
….a drippy faucet. At least we have clean water, running water, provisions to pay for both.
….a closet full of blessings and hopefully the time to bless others with the overflow!

What I’m doing….typing as both girls are sleeping in my room and Josh is sleeping under the stars….confession…I HATE when he is gone.
……What I’m thinking about…..hoping that I get to attend Beth Moore’s event in Houston in August-that would be so cool!
….what I need to be doing…sleeping…or at least working on getting there!


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