A Simple night…

What am i doing?…..procrastinating, really. I have Beth Moore to do for tomorrow, and I LOVE it, but for some reason, this is calling my name.

Why start this?…..i don’t really know…yet another time-sucker in my life? not enough going on around here (sarcasm!)?…another attempt at getting my thoughts organized…BINGO!

What is God doing in my life right now? (This should be my daily question-note to self!)….WOrking on humilty with me…and keeping my mouth SHUT…and having me make fairly difficult adjustments that I am without a doubt will be beneficial to me…LOVING ME LIKE NO OTHER!

WHat has He said to me recently?….I am not Jonah-I am a Ninevite.

What else?…That the desires He’s placed on my heart that have not yet been fulfilled are because I am far too focused on those desires than on Him. He gave me those to thrill me and see my reaction of pure gratitude, surprise and praise, but my devotion to Him is far more important to Him than even those. My dependance upon Him and my trusting of Him and my FOCUS on Him-WAY more important.

What have I learned?…That, just like Beth always says, “THere ain’t no high like the Most High!” Seriously-have you tried it? There is truly no high like the Most High and the highs that the Most High gives through study and revelation and personal Words in your life-NOTHING LIKE HIM!

What am I?….a Jesus Freak. There, I said it. My name is Aimie and I am a card holding member of the Jesus Freaks. I LOVE JESUS and without Him in my life, I am a horrible, rotten, egotistical, self-centered, self-serving, self-gratifying sack of human flesh.

With Him, what am I?…A daughter of the Most High King. For real. A hand and often times handS -raising, soppy crying mess of a person in worship because of who He says I am and who I believe I am are so different, obsessed CHRISTIAN. I LOVE being a Christian. I love all things Christian. I listen to primarily Christian praise music now because I truly LOVE it-and God revelaed to me just yesterday that when we’re living in defeat and turn on praise music and our “mood” changes, it is not, in fact, simply that our mood is changed, it is that our spirit is changed by His Holy Spirit living and dwelling in us and defeating the darkness that battles for our attention in the means of spiritual warfare all around us at all times of the day. When we open our mouths and sing those praises to the Most High God, the enemy flees. That simple. The enemy flees and the darkness is defeated.


What am I enjoying right now?…this amazing fall that we’re having-all praise and honor be to God for that. Who else could make a single tree have thousands of different colors as it is literally preparing to die, or at least the leaves are. Maybe that’s kind of like us. Maybe as we get closer and closer to dying to ourselves and allowing Christ to have full reign, we start to burst forth, in His eyes, in so many gorgeous colors that it’s nothing like what we used to be-simply green with newness and possibility. Just a thought.

What happened today that I want to remember?….As all 4 children were watching the Hannah Montana movie, they paired up (Maggie with Miles and AnnaCaite with Miller) and held hands and danced together to a sweet little song. Joyful. Loving. playful. content. simple.

This is what life is ALL about.

All Honor and Glory and Praise be to Him alone.



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